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Learn to play the songs you love

Get Guitar, Ukulele and Singing lessons from professional musicians online or in person.  Our premises is located at Innjoy Boutique Hotel in Centurion, Pretoria. 


The Bad Peter Music School will get you playing and singing your favourite songs in no time.  Whether you’d like to learn a new skill, entertain friends and family or become a rock star touring the world playing to massive crowds, the Bad Peter Music School can make your dreams a reality. 


The Bad Peter Music School offers a structured syllabus with multiple levels teaching technique and theory through a broad range of songs, ranging from the classics we all know and love to today’s hits topping the charts.  


What you'll learn:

Guitar & Ukulele lessons:


Beginner Kids (ages 5 - 9):  This is your child’s first musical experience.  By learning fun and easy songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Smoke on the Water and their favourite Disney tunes your child will be exposed to the joys of playing music for the very first time.  After completing Beginner Kids level 1 & 2 your child will be well on their way to start playing along to their favourite songs in the coming levels.


Beginner:   We teach you your first basic chords and rhythm. We’ll be playing a broad range of songs ranging from the classics we all know and love to today’s hits topping the charts.  Working through three progressing levels you will see just how easy a lot of the songs you know are to play.  


Intermediate:  Working through three intermediate levels, we dive a bit deeper into chord knowledge, finger picking, rhythm and single note/lead playing. You’ll also learn to combine melodies and chords to sound like a full band all by yourself!  You’ll also start playing your first solos.


Advanced:  This is where we give you the keys to the kingdom.  With scales, arpeggios, modes, degrees and in depth chord knowledge enabling you to play in every single genre and in every single key, we unlock your guitar neck from top to bottom.  


Singing lessons:




You’ll learn the very basics of singing.  Through basic warm up exercises that activate and relax all the right muscles, we lay the foundation that’ll get you singing like a pro one day! Here at the Bad Peter Music School your vocal health is of utmost importance, this is why we’ll show you how to take good care of your voice to avoid injury.  You simply can’t play with a broken instrument.




Kicking it up a notch, you’ll be singing more complex scales, arpeggios and intervals.  We’re starting to condition your vocal cords to sing comfortably throughout the entire vocal range including chest and head voice.  This will prepare you for discovering your mixed voice, also called middle voice or blended voice (to sing in a combination of head voice and chest voice) in the coming level.




Ever wondered how your favourite singers hit those high notes so effortlessly?  The short answer is, they’re singing in mixed voice! All your hard work that you’ve put in during the previous levels have prepared you to further explore and master this sought after ability.  You’ll be very comfortable with your own voice at this stage allowing you to explore, play around and get more creative with your voice.  Singing in any style or genre and having great vocal stamina will be a mystery no more!  


quarterly payment option

Get weekly Guitar, Ukulele or Singing lessons @R2400 for 3 months 


Virtual (online) and Private lessons are 30 minutes each.

Monthly payment option

Get weekly Guitar, Ukulele or Singing lessons @R1000 per month

Virtual (online) and Private lessons are 30 minutes each.